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With a lifetime of passion for automobiles, I have been an automotive tech, racecar builder, designer, R&D, tester, manufacturer of performance auto parts on the OEM and aftermarket sides, as well as run an aftermarket tuning shop with a factory sponsored race team.  I bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to any automotive scenario with an attention to detail and professionalism.  My specialty is modified Japanese and Euro cars, but am equally comfortable working with any modern automobile.  If you have any questions related to the purchase or sale of a used car, a PPI (Pre-Purchase Inspection) is essential and can save you thousands.  If you feel like your mechanic is asking too much for a repair, I can offer an impartial second opinion.

Buying, selling, or maintaining a car doesn't need to be a frustrating experience.  I can help you through the process so you can get back to simply enjoying your ride.

James helped me find the right car for my family.  With the PPI he was able to see exactly what I was getting myself into, and it paid off!  15,000 trouble-free miles so far!

Jonathan Silvia

I brought my repair estimate to James for a second opinion.  He looked at the estimate and my car, and ended up saving me over a thousand dollars on the repair bill.  Thanks James!

Nancy Canton

I was in looking at a used car that had been modified.  Dealerships wouldn't touch it.  I contacted James and he advised me through the whole process.  His experience with modified cars removed the risk and I ended up getting a screaming deal!

Thomas Gray

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